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So often we never allow ourselves the space and time to reflect and appreciate who we really are. I am often the loudest and most rambunctious person in any room, but I wear that with pride; simply refusing to be anything other than myself.

Since childhood, I was always part of environments in which a high level of conformity was expected of me. Whether it was family, church, or the armed forces, I frequently found myself feeling that I didn’t fit in. Most of those family-church-military environments were positive, and had excellent renditions of who & what "I should be", but at times these experiences were overloaded with huge expectations.

I often wondered if life was like that for other people; if there were others out there - seeking their identities and not always fitting into the world they were living in. Age, wisdom, and civilian life have opened my eyes to the reality that a higher percentage of people experience this false sense of identity. Some conform while others create their happiness, yet still the fear of disappointing this conceived idea of yourself is daunting.

Your Soul Purpose was launched from those experiences, focused on one singular mission to dream, believe, explore, and discover. Inspired by a memento my mother once gave me in a care package after arriving to my last tour of military duty, I decided to create this brand as a daily reminder to never forget to be true to the things that are most important. Things that remind you of who you are - where you are going ... even if it's yet to be discovered.

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