The Importance of Your Life’s Passion

Success is not a rare thing in this world. However, achieving it is not easy and not everyone can do it successfully. It takes a lot of time, effort, resources, and energy to achieve success, and even though you are giving your best, you are still bound to fail sometimes. Many factors cause failure. Since we have a different definition of success, we tend to fail because we don’t understand the truth behind it. We keep on working hard and burning every opportunity that we have without the right knowledge about success. Often, you are missing the most important factor to achieve success, and that is your passion.


Indeed, finding a 9 to 5 job that pays well is what most people want in this world. Together with a good family, they think that they are living a good life and everything is good. But, most of the time, you will feel empty inside. You feel like something is missing and your path is not the way you have expected it. While your career can provide your needs and wants, as well as with your family, it doesn’t give you the spark and excitement that you have in your heart. It’s draining you drastically, and it is affecting you mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Do you know the reason behind it? It’s because you are missing your passion. You don’t do it because you are passionate about it. You do it out of responsibility, pressure, and other factors, and that is not the right way to do it.

Your Life’s True Calling

Once in a while, in your chaotic and busy life, you will ask yourself “What is my real calling? What is my soul purpose? Am I living a life that I am supposed to live? What is missing in me?” You are not alone in this battle. Many people are in the same boat as you. Many of us haven’t discovered their lives’ purpose or passion. Sometimes, those who did chose to set aside their passion because of personal reasons. They often think that their passion won’t lead to something greater and bigger, which is definitely wrong. Your passion is your fuel to success. If you want to achieve real happiness and success in life, you need to hold on with your passion. You have to do things because you are passionate about it. If your passion cannot buy you a pack of groceries right now, maybe someday, if you keep working on it, it can buy you a house or a car. The most important part is to never give up on your passion. Continue working for it. Maybe, you can start it as a hobby, and find ways to earn from it. Remember, if you are doing your passion, you feel happy with it and you have that extra motivation to be better and greater in the future.

If you are still lost and you don’t have any idea about your life’s purpose or passion, ask yourself. What if I have a million dollars in my bank account, what will I do next? What is the kind of job I would want to have and I will be happy doing it every day? Do you see yourself working on some crafts and selling them? Or maybe, you choose to travel and share it in your blog while earning with ads? When you start asking this question, you will lead to a job that makes you excited and flutters your heart, and often, this kind of job is meeting your passion in life. If you are not doing it right now, what are the possible reasons behind it? Are you afraid to go out of your comfort zone? Or is it because of peer pressure? Whatever your reason is, they will never be enough to stop you with your passion. Your boat isn’t comfortable anymore because you are trapped with too many people. Learn to get out of that boat and transfer to a ship. You will be surprised by how far you can go because you are in a bigger vessel now.

Never settle with your mediocre life. Your life and time are precious and they are both limited. Decide on how you can use them wisely and work on things that you are passionate with. Create a life that is happy and worthwhile.

Effective Ways to Find Your Real Passion

Now that you have decided to follow your passion and you want to live your life the best way you can, your next assignment is to find that certain thing that you are passionate about. However, the process is not easy. Since you wanted to reap those rich rewards at the end of the rainbow, you must be willing to stand in the rain. How can you determine your passion and guarantee that you are working on it? 

Here in Your Soul Purpose, we have gathered some of the effective ways or steps that will help you in discovering that “thing” that brings flame in your heart and makes you excited as you wake up each day.

  1. Listen to your body language. If you have been in your job for years, it’s time to assess yourself. How do you behave while you work? Do you feel stressed and pressure all the time? Does your body tense up all the time? Do you experience panic attacks frequently? Do you often feel bored? Do you find yourself waiting for every break time and clock out? If you answer ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions, then you are in a wrong job. Your passion is not in it and you have to get out of there as soon as you can.

A work that you are passionate about will never make you feel bored and stressed. It will never make you panic with reports and deadlines. Your body will never feel aches and cramps because it enjoys every bit of what it does. Often, you will find yourself working extra hours because you feel happy spending more hours with your passion. You will find yourself talking and sharing your work with your family and friends, and you will love to do it each day.

  1. Think about the things that you love as a child. We often say that a child’s mind is very simple and naïve. They don’t complicate things and they just do what makes them happy. If you think about those things that you enjoy as a child, you will definitely discover what you are passionate about. Do you love to ride a bike? Or you enjoy spending hours in the garden? If yes, then maybe you should consider careers that are related to automobiles and landscaping. If you love to trek when you are young, how about considering a job in travel industries? As simple as this, you will have ideas about your passion. 

Grab a cup of coffee and think about your childhood memories. Write them down as you reminisce about your past. Aside from determining your passion, doing this will bring a real grin and happiness today.

  1. Determine what you love as an adult. Most of us have hobbies that we love to do outside our regular day job. Are you working as a chef after your 9 to 5 job? Did you choose to spend a few hours of your night to teach? Instead of staying at home in comfort, you chose to sacrifice some of your time to do these things and that means a lot with who you really are. These pet hobbies might be holding the key to the real you!

To unleash your passion is not easy. We don’t talk about it every day, and many people tend to let go of their passion because they cannot find the reason to stick with it. They don’t realize that letting go of their passion is a very big mistake. You may get thousands to millions of dollars in your bank account, you may have the most comfortable house for yourself and your family, and you may have the latest car model among your friends, but if you are missing passion in your life, you will never feel real happiness, contentment, and success.