Stories of Successful People Who Did Amazing Things Late in Life

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Your Time Is Coming: 7 Inspiring Late Bloomers Who Became Successful Famous People Later in Life

Patience and perseverance, these are the common factors of those successful people late in life. Get inspired by their stories and know you have time to do great.

In the age of social media stardom and an ever-growing obsession with youth, it can be hard to believe in the possibility of becoming one of those successful people once you reach a certain age. 

Mid-life crises aren't alone. There are quarter-life crises and third-life crises that can affect anyone trying to figure out what to do with themselves or wondering when their 15 minutes of fame will arrive. 

A crisis can occur as a result of a big event, or even just because of a birthday that takes you into a new decade. Sometimes it can happen as a result of years of rejection in an attempt to pursue a dream.

Either way, people of all different backgrounds and ages have dreams. And their stories should be celebrated.

Keep reading to learn about some inspiring stories of successful people who had a late start in their careers.

1. Samuel L. Jackson

It's hard to imagine Hollywood without this amazing actor. His characters and various film roles will be remembered and celebrated for many years to come.

But Samuel L. Jackson is one man who is known for finding success later in life as he didn't get his big break until 1991. At age 43, he was cast in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever. Three years later, at age 46, he was cast in Pulp Fiction.

He also suffered from a serious addiction to drugs like heroin and cocaine. It was only after his 8-year-old daughter found him unconscious on the floor that he decided to get clean. Since then he has made great strides in the film industry and is one of the most respected and loved actors of our time.

2. Judi Dench

Another actor who is recognizable, at least by face, to everyone who has watched recent James Bond movies, is Judi Dench.

She spent 30 years playing almost every female Shakespearean role at the Royal Shakespeare Company. But it wasn't until 1995 that she graced the big screen as her role as "M" in GoldenEye. She was in her early 60's for this role as James Bond's boss.

A few years later, at age 64, Dench received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Queen Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love. She's a perfect example of an actor who made her acting mark late in life.

3. Julia Child

This famous chef, who didn't even start cooking until age 36, has had a Hollywood film made about her life.

Originally, Child wanted to be a novelist. She wrote plays and short stories, many of which, she submitted to The New Yorker. Unfortunately, none of them were picked up. 

In 1948, Child moved to France. It was here that she discovered her love of cooking through sophisticated French cuisine. She altered their style of cooking to an American palate and showcased it in her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

This book contained 752 pages of her many labor-intensive recipes. It went on to reach the top of the NY Times bestseller list.

At 40 years old, she began to make her mark as an icon on the TV show, The French Chef.

4. Kerry Washington

You may know her from Shonda Rhimes' hit TV show Scandal. Because of her breakout role, Washington has become one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood. And her career is just beginning.

Washington didn't land her big gig as the role of Olivia Pope until she was 35 even though started performing in grade school. She received her degree in performance studies from George Washington University and pounded pavement for years until she got her big break. Now in her early 40's, Washington is a force to be reckoned with.

5. Tim and Nina Zagat

This powerhouse married couple got their big break at ages 42 and 42. They quit their jobs as lawyers and decided to pursue a restaurant review business.

They were both 51 when they published their first collection under the now famous Zagat name.

6. Viola Davis

Viola is a force to be reckoned with. She is one of the many people who became successful later in life, despite her hard work and talent.At age 43, she landed her role in Doubt where she got to work alongside Meryl Streep. 

Davis earned herself a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. It was this role that allowed her to stand out as a true talent. For some inspiration of your own, check out our bracelets and learn about the impact they have through the many charities we support. 

7. Momofuku Ando

Because of a food shortage in Japan after WWII, businessman Momofuku Ando created instant ramen noodles. 

He was 48-years-old when he invented these genius noodles that are almost every college students' saving grace.

Ando said that he got his inspiration as he watched citizens huddled around a ramen stall in postwar Osaka. He became and still is recognized as a kind of 20th-century hero. While he did go to jail for tax evasion in 1948, he insists it was due to providing scholarships for students.

It's Never Too Late to Be One of the Successful People

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut of misery and self-doubt. But those who prevail are the ones who never give up. 

There are many successful people who were struck by failure before they made their big breaks. They do have one thing in common though - they never gave up. Even as an actor, it's never too late. 

Are you looking for more inspiration? Check out my story and learn how you can be a part of something great today. Your time is coming so don't give up!