How We Can Win COVID-19 Battle by Wearing Face Mask?

Our battle against the deadly COVID-19 is getting more critical since it has started. Important protocols are being imposed anywhere in the world, and the plea to wear a face mask in both public and private areas is being intensified by health experts. While some countries have flattened the curve of their COVID-19 cases, most countries are still struggling with reducing the number of infected individuals, especially in the U.S. For this reason, everyone is encouraged to wear their masks as often as possible. 

However, despite the threat of the virus and how it can cause someone’s life, a lot of people are still not following the advice of health experts and continue to disregard the idea of using face masks. If you are one of these people, let us tell you some of the top reasons why you should be serious about using face masks, especially if you are out in the public.

  1. Face masks will protect other people.

Whether it is your family, friends, or a stranger, wearing a face mask can boost the safety of those people around you. Since the virus can be spread by an infected person through respiratory droplets that can be produced by coughing, sneezing, or talking, wearing a face mask can block these droplets. Your face mask will become a barrier that will contain virus-containing particles and prevent them from passing one person to another. 

Many studies have shown the effectiveness of face masks during this pandemic While traveling through public transportation, you will meet several people who are not infected with the COVID-19 virus. If you are infected and not careful enough to wear a face mask, there is a high chance that you can pass your virus to these people. Whether you are wearing a surgical face mask or a cloth face mask, you are protecting other people through this simple way.

  1. Face masks will help if you don’t know that you are contagious.

When the battle against COVID-19 started, face masks were only recommended to people who have been diagnosed with the virus or those who have been found positive. However, when studies were done continuously to determine how the virus progresses and what is the possible vaccine that can cure it, health experts found out that it can be transmitted by those people who are pre-symptomatic (someone who can infect before he will start showing symptoms) and asymptomatic (someone who never develops symptoms despite being positive with the virus). Due to this recent discovery, the guidelines with wearing face masks have been altered and everyone is now encouraged to cover their face in public. 

Studies around the world have found that more than 40% of people who have been infected with the COVID-19 virus are asymptomatic, and it is making the situation extra difficult and dangerous. We cannot easily tell who can potentially spread the virus. That is why wearing a face mask is highly recommended, whether you are healthy or a high-risk individual. 

  1. Face masks can help in protecting yourself.

When you are wearing your face masks wherever you go, you are not only protecting other people. The most important person that you protect is yourself. Think of a scenario where you are traveling to your work, and out of any luck, you met a person who is infected with the virus without knowing it. if you are wearing your cloth face mask, you don’t have to worry whether you will accidentally catch an infected person’s droplets because there is a barrier that will protect you from the possible infection. You are reducing your risks and boosting your safety while you are out of the comfort of your home.

Wearing a face mask is also a collective benefit, which is considered the top reason why a face mask is a must to the public. If everyone is wearing a face mask and they are covering their mouth and nose, they are blocking the transmission which will lead to lesser virus circulation in the community. When this chain can be achieved, there is a little chance that the virus will propagate or will be transmitted to others. With this thought, there is no reason why you should not wear your face mask.

  1. Face masks can help with the recovery of the economy. 

The economy of every country around the world is suffering because of COVID-19. A lot of businesses were forced to cease their operation, while other bigger companies decided to reduce their number of manpower due to the possible threats of the virus. During the early months of this pandemic, many areas have been locked down to minimize the spread of the virus. However, the lockdown is not possible for the next months because it can immobilize a country. 

Considering the further effect on the economy, some governments have considered a substitute to lockdown, and wearing a face mask is the most possible way. Businesses and other offices will be allowed to reopen as long as they are following the COVID-19 protocols. With physical distancing, proper sanitation and handwashing, and wearing a face mask, unemployment can be stopped and businesses can move forward.

  1. Face masks are one of the alternatives.

As of today, no vaccine is still available that can prevent the growth of the virus. Also, no effective drugs can guarantee the recovery of those who were infected. Because of these facts, preventive measures and alternatives must be observed, and wearing face masks is one of them. Together with physical distancing and handwashing, these low-cost strategies have seen to work with preventing the spread of the virus. Additionally, these alternatives are very simple to implement as long as everyone is willing to abide by their safety.

Wearing a face mask every time you go outside of your house is a very simple step that you can do to protect yourself, your family, and everyone around you. This degree of protection is much needed during this pandemic. If you can do it, together with the rest of the people around the world, we can win against this battle.