Golden Black Onyx Panther Bracelet: Your Bracelet for Healing and Spiritual Protection

Have you ever wondered why the Golden Black Onyx Panther Bracelet is getting popular with those people who are looking for healing and spiritual protection? This is because of the Black Onyx gemstones that are featured in this bracelet. The stones are not only there to complete the design, but they have meanings that you will love to know. 

There is more about the elegant and eye-catching look of the Black Onyx gemstone. Their healing and spiritual properties make them better compared to the other gemstones that you can find elsewhere. If you are wondering about the benefits of the Black Onyx, let us give you some of the great things that you should know.

Releasing Negativity

A person who is wearing Black Onyx gemstone is said to release any negativity from the inside. Since the stone is soothing, it can help the person who is wearing it to deliver herself from all the negative thoughts, emotions, and situations. Black Onyx will help you live a better life as you wear it.

 Letting Go of the Past

A person who wants to release every negative energy from her life should learn how to let go of the past and everything that she cannot control. As you wear this gemstone, you are helping yourself to let go of your painful past like failed relationship, death of someone you love, and any other memories that can stop you from living a good life today. The bracelet that comes with Black Onyx is perfect for those who have a hard time letting go and moving on with their life. These people will eventually learn to live in the present rather than dwell on the memories of the past.


Managing Separation

Being away from someone important to you can be painful, even though the situation is telling you that letting go is the best option. The Black Onyx aids people who have a hard time managing separation from other people or some situations that can bring them troubles and pains. With Black Onyx, you will have the courage to end unhappy and unhealthy relationships.

Changing Habits

The gemstone can also help those individuals who want to change habits that are bad, irregular, and unhealthy. When they become successful with these big changes, they become more balanced and focused on what's essential with life. Black Onyx can free the wearer from the different kinds of stress and it will help her with making the right decisions that can change her life positively. 

Good for Entrepreneurs

For those who are thinking or planning to start their new business, the gemstone can bring big help. Every entrepreneur who will wear the Black Onyx will have a better understanding of his plans and it can help her with making quick and good decisions about her business. The stone will also eliminate all negative thoughts, emotions, and opinions that can distract the person from his business plans.



When a person wears a Black Onyx gemstone, she will have a better intuition in life. Many experts and users can support this idea. Through this gemstone, the wearer can see the correct life path through visions, dreams, meditations, and many more ways.

Eliminating Negativity 

Many forms of negativity can affect a person's mind and heart. It can come through negativity at work, negative relationships, an abusive friendship, and many more. With the help of Black Onyx, this negativity around a person can be deflected and it will protect the wearer from bad luck and other people's 'evil eye' which is caused by jealousy and other negative thoughts and feelings around.

Paranormal Protection

Some cultures believe that Black Onyx can help with warding off evil spirits from the person who wears it. According to history, some tribes are worshiping Black Onyx statues because they believe that they can ward off black magic and dark sorcery. Those evil spirits can also drive away from the family and their home. 

Sharpening of Senses

Wearing this gemstone can help you with sharpening your senses. You will be more alert, more focused, and more conscious of everything that is happening around you. Wearing the bracelet regularly and giving and absolute faith will make you more confident, grounded, and balanced with your life.

Healing of Your Physical Body

There are many physical concerns that this gemstone can heal. Some of them are bone issues, eye disorders, feet trouble, teeth problems, epilepsy, and a lot more. Due to this purpose, many healers are recommending Black Onyx to their patients because it can help with their physical recovery if they will use it continually. The charged water from the gemstone can also treat skin problems and other body infections. For pregnant women who are wearing Black Onyx, they will have a smooth and trouble-free pregnancy until the day they will bear their child. 

Attracting Money

A person who is wearing Black Onyx is said to be attracting money and will soon have financial freedom. Many Feng shui experts recommend using this gemstone as a decorative piece at home or work so you can have it around all the time. But wearing it the most effective way. 

For someone who is using the Golden Black Onyx Panther Bracelet, it is advised that you discharged every two weeks. The two options with discharging are running the bracelet under the water or keeping it underground for a night so it can restore its healing properties and spiritual powers. The Golden Black Onyx Panther Bracelet is not only an addition to your classy jewelry collection. The bracelet can also protect you from a different kind of negativity and help you with living a better and peaceful life each day. 

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