Faith Over Fear: 5 Ways to Achieve This Attitude

Fear is natural in every person. We were born with fears inside our bodies, and there is no way that we can live with no fear in this world. We may fear problems. We may fear heartaches. We may fear death. Whatever it is that we are afraid of, it is part of being a human and no one is an exemption. 

However, we should not let fear consume us. We should learn how to fight our fear so we can continue living in this world and do the things that we need to do. Despite the height and weight of fear, we must keep our faith stronger so we can become better people than we used to be. 

Keeping faith stronger than fear sounds easy to say. But the truth is, it is not. Many people are struggling to achieve this attitude and they often fail because they don’t have a clear idea of how to strengthen faith. They easily fall in fear that is always around the corner, thinking that it is the only choice they have. In reality, there are possible ways to develop our faith, and the most important step to do is to walk closer to Him.


5 Ways to Grow Your Faith and Overcome Your Fear

  1. Determine your source of confidence for faith.

You will never have the chance to grow your faith unless you know your source. You have to know where you can pull out your faith. Keep in mind that your faith will never start with yourself. There must be someone more powerful than you who will always willing to give you the faith that you need. Whenever you are losing your faith, on yourself, or anything, you will have your source and you can earn your lost faith.

As soon as you determine your source of confidence for faith, you will have a better chance to conquer your fear.

Develop the strength to fight fear
  1. Develop the strength to fight fear.

Fear is always around. It will never leave you even in your sleep. It will haunt you every day, wherever you are. If you learn to accept this fact, it can become easier to fight fear. When you know that fear can come anytime, you will have the strength to go against it and make sure that it will never win you. 

Don’t ever let fear steal your peace and happiness. Just like how fear naturally comes inside us, you also have the strength to fight it. All you have to do is develop this strength so that fear will never run your day.

  1. Pray for a better perspective.

It is not every day that you can positively see things. You may see a day with a heavy feeling, and that’s okay. However, you have to guarantee that you have good days than bad days. How you see things will mean a lot with your faith. If you see a day with a simple problem a bad day, then you might be missing some perspective in life. To fight fear, and develop a stronger faith, you have to understand things positively. If you lost your job, it could mean something bigger is waiting for you. If you missed your first flight to a foreign country, maybe this is not yet the best time to go beyond the borders of your country. 

Your perspective in life is very important. Pray for perspective so you can live a better life with bigger faith.

  1. Invest in the right relationships and develop bravery and faith.

You don’t have to keep holding the hands of every person in your life. Sometimes, they were there to teach us some lessons, and they are not meant to stay forever. It will never be healthy to keep them when they are not supposed to stay longer. You might be missing on a bigger thing in your life thinking that what you have right in front of you is what you need. Fear of losing someone important will always be inside us. But that’s the reality of life. No one is permanent. Everyone must leave, and the sooner you accept this reality, the better. 

Never let this fear consume you. The right relationships will help you grow your faith. Choose the people who will stay in your life wisely and be brave enough to let go of those who need to leave. 

Define self-care and faith clearly.
  1. Define self-care and faith clearly.

 Self-care is looking after our bodies and everything that can be seen physically. While faith is what we cannot see and hold. These two things may include ourselves as a whole, but they have different meanings. You have to clearly understand the differences between self-care and faith so you can determine which of these two is falling short in your life. If you think that you are focusing too much on self-care, and you are starting to lose your faith, re-evaluate your focus. 

Some may say that you should balance these two. However, the truth is, you must give faith more important because of your sanity, and becoming a better person will be greatly affected by your faith.

Faith Over Fear


Faith is listening and trusting what we cannot see and sense. If you feel fear and you are anxious about what is happening around you, maybe you are losing your faith. These things are just temporary. Your problems, your struggles, and your fears – these are temporary and they can change anytime, depending on how you handle them. If you focus on growing your faith instead of listening to your fear, you will never have any reason to doubt and question your present and even your future.

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