Change the World: Tips for Becoming a Humanitarian Aid Worker

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Change in the world happens when people desire to make a difference. Discover these tips for becoming a humanitarian aid worker. 

Humanitarian workers are needed to provide countries around the world with the aid that they need. This is why becoming a humanitarian aid worker is such an important decision. But just like finding any other job, finding the open door to get your foot in this career can be challenging. 

Luckily, there are ways to build up to it. The world needs people like you: people that care and want to make an impact. Without your good spirit, many would-be left helpless. So, if you're having a hard time landing a career as a humanitarian aid worker, don't give up. 

Keep reading for several tips for finding the job of your dreams!

Have Specific Goals in Mind

Before beginning your job search, have your specific goals in mind. Everyone has different reasons to motivate them into becoming a humanitarian worker. Dig deep in understanding what motivates you, and use that as fuel throughout your journey. 

Think about what specific skill sets that you bring to the table. Your goals shouldn't be broad. Instead, they should pinpoint certain things that you can do in the field based on your individual skill sets. 

As time passes on, your skills will enhance and others might develop. You can then move on to other areas. But until then, know what you have to work with and put it to use.

Build Experience

One of the best things that you can do when wanting to start a career as a humanitarian is to build your experience. You can do so by volunteering or interning. There are some great volunteering opportunities within the NGO sector. 

You can also look into opportunities offered by the UN, Red Cross, or any other community organization looking to help refugees. But don't stop here in the United States. You'll also want to consider looking into volunteering out of the country.

Travel the World and Seize Opportunities

Speaking of volunteering overseas, be sure to travel as much as possible. Although this may not be possible for everyone if you're one of the few that can, do it. Be sure to plan trips to countries that are not as developed as others.

Plan to spend a good amount of time at those locations. A simple weekend visit won't allow you the proper amount of time to truly understand the culture there. Stay for as long as you can and become a local yourself. 

After indulging in a lengthy visit, you may stumble upon some awesome opportunities. Seize them at any chance you get!

Study Some Foreign Languages

It's no secret that becoming a humanitarian aid worker means dealing directly with people who speak other languages than English or even Spanish. That's why it's important to study some foreign languages. This will help immensely. 

In some cases, knowing several languages may even balance out your lack of experience. If you know how to communicate with the people that you are trying to help, it'll make the job a lot easier. If you already know what country you're planning on visiting, then be sure to study and learn the languages spoken there.

Use Your Skills for Sector Needs

Humanitarian work requires skill sets from all angles. Different sectors need the skills of communication experts, social media experts, IT specialists, nurses, and so much more. In this field of work, you may be needed to help victims of a natural disaster or you may be needed to help develop a healthcare system in another country. 

The options are endless, so it's important to use the skills that you have and align them with the sector's needs. 


As with any job, it's always important to network. You'll want to do this both online and in person. If you already know the specific type of work that you want to do, then seek out people in that same area. 

Ask them questions about their major in college, what types of internships that they did, and if they have any advice to offer. A good resource for networking is LinkedIn. It's free to join and once you begin to engage yourself with humanitarian aid work specific to your skill sets, you'll begin to connect with a plethora of people in similar positions. 

At All Costs, Be Persistent 

When all else fails, continue being persistent. The perfect job, although sometimes does, won't always fall right into your hands. Job searching takes time and patience. 

It also requires you to be very persistent. Be sure to look for jobs that need for specific skill sets. If you're applying to a bunch of positions where you can't show what skills you have to offer, then your chances of landing that job might not be as great as when you pinpoint one. The key is to not give up, something will eventually check off all the boxes!

Becoming a Humanitarian Aid Worker Might Take Work, But It's Worth It

Although finding a humanitarian aid worker position might not be the easiest thing to accomplish, it can be done. Take the time to hone in on the skills that you have to offer. If you know what you do best, then you can use that to show why you're the best fit for the job. 

Always network and meet other people in the sector or field that you want to work in. And know that you most likely will have to start at the bottom. But with persistence, dedication, and hard work, you're sure to make it to the top. 

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