8 Reasons to Choose Passion Over Money

Back to your younger days, you have thought about becoming a news anchor or radio announcer. You have practiced a lot in front of the mirror and listened to your voice multiple times. You want it badly that you even think of what you will wear at work. However, as time passes by and you have learned many things in life, you realized that this kind of job does not pay a handsome wage and it cannot support the kind of life that you want for you and your family. So, you decided to pursue another career with better pay, though the job does not meet the desires of your heart. You chose a job that can satisfy your needs and wants, but not the fire that you have inside.

Choose Passion Over Money

We all know that money is a very powerful thing here on earth. Everyone is working on it. Everyone wants more of it. When you have this kind of power, you feel greedy and you want more. Though there is nothing wrong about it, as long as you are doing it right, you might be missing an important part of your life. Living in this world is not about money. You are not here so you can make millions and billions of dollars. There is a greater meaning for your life. There is a better reason why you are living in this world. 

Since you chose a better-paying job, do you feel satisfied? As you lead your way to work, do you feel excited for the day, and do you look forward to what could happen for the next hours of your life? If your answer is NO to these questions, then maybe you made a wrong decision. And the reason is very simple – it’s because of your passion. What you do is not in line with your passion. Regardless of how strong your mind will say that you are doing great with your job, your heart will tell you that there is more that you can do. You can be better if your job is connected to your life’s passion. 

Right now, you may be troubled with the thought of choosing passion over money. But if you truly understand why you should choose the former over the latter, living can be a lot easier and more meaningful.

  1. Working for money may be a good reason, but it should not be your top reason.

Each morning, you wake up and prepare for your 9 to 5 job. You sit in front of your table and punch away the hours with stress and pressure at hand. This cycle happens 5 times a week, and sometimes, your weekends must be sacrificed as well. However, is this the kind of life that you have imagined for years? Is this the way to enjoy your life? With this kind of mindset, you are wasting more than 8 hours of your day because you are not living your life to the fullest. 

If you have the chance to ask professionals if they would choose another job if they were given the chance, the majority of them will give you a YES. If they have the chance, they will never live the way they are living at the moment. Don’t make the same mistake that they have. Choose a job that you will never regret in the end, and the only thing that will lead you to the right job is your passion. It should be your driving factor, and not the money or material thing that you want in life.

  1. If you are passionate about your job, you do better.

The worst feeling that you can have each morning is to get up and do the work that you don’t really care about. Sometimes, you will end up questioning yourself if you’re competitive enough to stay in the job. You feel less compared to your colleagues and you’re wasting your efforts. However, this will never be the case if you are passionate about your work. You do things with passion and you always give your best with whatever you do. You are not forcing yourself to do something just because it is your responsibility. No one or nothing is forcing you to accomplish every task. You feel freer and more confident about your job.

Working with your passion brings you joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. It will make you feel like you are not working for a day in your life. 

  1. Since your job is driven by your passion, you can relate more to your work to create better ideas.

Your job will require new inputs and ideas. It may be a small or big contribution; you will need to offer something different at work. But this kind of responsibility can be draining if you are not happy with what you do. Since you are forced with most of the concerns that are related to your job, you will feel dull most of the time. 

While every job brings challenges and lows, you will choose to look past these days if you are working with your passion. You become creative with your solutions and you can bring up better ideas for your projects. Since you like what you do, you will be motivated to resolve different issues and improve the situations. 

  1. As you work with your passion, you will never feel forced with your responsibilities.

When you choose to work for money, most of the time, you end up neglecting your overall health and passion. As we have mentioned before, money is a strong force that will make you do everything that you can. But this is not healthy energy that can lift you, especially during your heavy moments. Money can lead you to an endless cycle of misery, and if you keep doing a job because of money, you will end up in that mess for the rest of your life. 

Never work on a job that makes you feel you are forced or pressure as you do it every day. If you do, you will find yourself hating it more and more each day. Forget about the idea of working hard today and enjoying your wealth later. The future is uncertain. What you have right now is the “present.” Choose to live with it and enjoy your life by living and following your passion. Don’t spend your precious life in a miserable way when you have an option to get away from that chaos. Work with your passion and each day will become better.

  1. The money will never be enough to compensate for your real happiness.

Do you know someone who gets a very good paycheck every payday, but they really hate their job because it does not bring real happiness in their life? This kind of life is the worst, and they end up wasting a lifetime because of the wrong reason. Some people may have thousands and millions of dollars in their bank accounts, enjoying their life is impossible because their job is taking up most of their lives. 

You should choose a different kind of life. A life that is far from hate and miseries. How can you do it? By following your passion. If you are passionate about what you do, you don’t need a big amount of money to enjoy life and be happy. Working with your passion each day is enough to experience real happiness. Your passion is the only way to experience real happiness and satisfaction in life.

  1. With passion, you are more than willing to work more.

Since you are doing a job that you are passionate about and you love every task that you do, you will never mind working for extra hours each day. You will never feel drained and burdened because you have to finish a task that was assigned to you. Instead, you will feel more accomplished and successful because you did something that you love. Your feelings will shift from hate to joy.

Every job will require you to work for extra hours. In every industry, a busy season will come and the company will request additional hours to meet the demands of the job. So, choose a job that you love and passionate about so you will never mind spending extra hours at work. 

  1. As long as you are passionate, you’re motivated to go above and beyond your duty.

Despite the presence of contract and scope of your responsibilities, you will ever get away from the fact that sometimes, you need to work above and beyond your call of duty. At some point at work, your manager will ask you to do a job or prepare a report that is not part of your daily schedule. If you are working on something that you love and care about, you will never mind these extra works. You will feel delighted to do something that can give you extra knowledge of your job.

As your passion drives you each day at work, you will always enjoy giving extra effort with your job and you will feel motivated to go above and beyond your call of duty.

  1. No obstacle or problem can cut your way to success.

As you enjoy your job and the work you do, nothing can ever stop you from what you do. Whatever the obstacle that will come your way, you will feel challenged to resolve the problem and clear out your way to success. Because you are passionate, you will feel unstoppable and nothing can block your way. Your passion is a very strong force that drives you as you work each day. No problem is big enough to stop within doing it and be successful in the future.

Your job or career will consume a large part of your life. Even those people who are born in a wealthy family need to continue the legacy of their family and work for their businesses and companies. If you consider money as the main factor in choosing a job, you will end up missing a very important part of your life. No one has ever been successful because he has a lot of money. Though others will look at him that way, he knows deep inside that he is not. Your success will never be measured by your paycheck or your savings. You can only say that you are successful if you are doing what you love and you enjoy each day at work. Do yourself a big favor and find a job that will make you happy. Find a job that you are passionate about, and live with it for the rest of your life.