6 Simple Ways That Will Add Value To Your Life

Have you ever heard the idea that setting yourself as your top priority is selfish and unkind? This is one of the most common myths in life, and a lot of people are falling with it. In reality, we need to value ourselves most because this is the most loving thing that we can do. If we value ourselves and we feel good about it, we can become a better person to those people around us, especially our family and friends. We can do better and give lighter energy to everyone. When someone is whole, he can be the best version of him. With these thoughts, we should forget about the idea that putting yourself first is unethical and we should always look after the person who is living inside your body, heart, and mind. 

Imagine a life where you always think of other people and you want to please them. Once in your life, you will experience this and you will understand how draining and frustrating to live this way. You cannot always please other people, and if you end up disappointing them, you will feel bad not just for them, but most especially for yourself. You will start questioning your efforts, your value, and your life in general. Are you living the right choice? Are you leading to the right path? And there will be more doubts and questions because you failed to do the most important thing, and that is valuing yourself first. 

If you start shifting your focus on yourself and work on being whole, you will realize that there is more that you can do – whether for yourself or everyone around you. Since you are happy, you can share your happiness with others without pushing it too hard. Your energy will come naturally and everyone will feel it more. 

Right here are some of the seven ways that you can observe so you can add value to yourself and be the most important person in your life. 

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Comparing yourself is a battle that you cannot win. Never get in this situation because no one came out of it with success. If you keep on looking at other people’s lives and you compare them to yourself, you will discover that you lack a lot of things. The worst part is you will develop a feeling of lack. You will never be in their shoes and you will never see life the way they do. Unless you can do these two things, then your comparison will never be valid. Each one of use is unique – our skills, our stories, our life. No one in this world is like you, and you have to remember this though all the time.

Start to focus on yourself. Look at the things that are happening in your life right now and always pay attention to the person you see in the mirror. She is unique. She is living a life that no one can ever achieve. Stop being a perfectionist and start appreciating your beautiful smile, your unique talents, and everything that you can offer. You can only shift your focus to the right place if you start seeing your real value.

  1. Never settle.

Another fatal thing that you can do for yourself is settling with what you have. Sometimes, you choose to stay in your job because of your salary, though it doesn’t make you happy anymore. Some people stay in a relationship because they feel comfortable, but they don’t longer feel fluttered and excited. Others keep friendships because they long for a company, though the friendship feels toxic. You should never settle on things that you know are not worthy of your time, effort, and life. Stay away from people who are not helping you mentally and emotionally. You deserve every peace of mind that this world can offer and achieve the happiness that you dream of. 

You should never settle for less. Always find what’s best for you in every aspect of your life.

  1. Appreciate everything.

Always appreciate the things that you have in life. Appreciate your bed because it can ease your tired body. Appreciate your partner because he or she supports you with whatever you do. Appreciate those clothes that you wear every day because they give you comfort. Appreciate the foods that you eat each day because they give you energy. To top it all, appreciate yourself and all the things that you can offer into this world. You must see the joy that you bring to your family, friends, and even strangers. You will be amazed at how appreciation can bring a huge difference in your life. Remember, the more you appreciate, the better life you will have.

  1. Keep healthy relationships.

Not every relationship in your life is worth keeping for. Choose the people that you will allow to stay in your life. If you found someone who is making you feel less than good, let go or stay away from him because he will never be helpful for you. Be with people who can bring the best out of you. These people will accept who you are, encourage your dreams, and feed your spirit. The right people in your life will keep you strong and will make you feel that you are not alone. 

  1. Say NO sometimes.

There is nothing wrong with saying no sometimes. Of course, it is always good to help other people. However, what will happen to you if you keep giving when there is nothing left with you? Don’t do things that will sacrifice your own well-being. Only give what yourself can, and say no if you feel like there is nothing left in you that you can give out. 

‘No’ can be liberating. Why? Simply because when you are saying no to others, you are saying “yes” to yourself. You are living a life where you value yourself more than anyone else. Don’t hesitate to say no once in a while.

  1. Follow your heart, always.

Your heart is always telling you something. Whether it can be your dreams, goals, and happiness. Though the world you are living in is noisy and chaotic, you should always spend some time listening to your heart and determine those things that will bring you real joy and contentment. Keep your focus on your passion and purpose, and never feel distracted with the little things that get in your way.

Your passion is the product of your soul purpose. Whether it is small or big, your passion should drive you to the right path. Give yourself the love it deserves and nurture the joy that you have been looking for. If you can live your best life, you can give out the best love, beauty, and kindness to others.